About Us


In 8'th grade I had a dream to start a lacrosse company called Sololax and throughout highschool, I did just that. I bought mesh from Jimalax, packed them into kits with my own graphics, marketed my website on lacrosseforums.com and sold mesh kits on sololax.com. The website was pretty great for being made before website builders were even a thing, but my products didn't inspire me and I never figured out how to source any new products. I don't think alibaba even existed at the time. By the end of highschool I gave up and shut down the website.

In 2015 I had the itch again. I woke up and deiced I wanted to design revolutionary lacrosse equipment. I bought a 3d printer and started working on crazy ideas like a 3 piece lacrosse head and a quick release head shaft connection. I eventually landed a job as a product engineer at one of the big lacrosse companies and started to really understand and appreciate product design. But I also started to realize that the big companies don't really want to innovate, even though they say they do, so I eventually decided to leave my dream job and put my lacrosse designs on hold.

Now 5Lax.com is launching and we’re going to make a splash with some innovative and game changing designs. Out initial offerings lay a groundwork of simple products that match the performance of the existing big companies. In the very near future, we will be introducing what we think is the most innovative and groundbreaking piece of equipment since the introduction of the plastic head. Our goal is to revolutionize the game by making cutting edge equipment that will inspire players and increase participation in the sport we all love so much. Keep watching for our first innovative product release coming soon!